Why Saranda?

Australians give the reasons why they choose to visit Saranda

This country has an ancient history and the coastline is still unexplored in its entirety and is not influenced by the tourist masses, as it happens in Greece or Croatia. One of the most questions that I was frequently asked when I said that I wanted to visit Albania was: Why should you go there? Is it safe? But that's why you have to visit Albania now.

  • There are no crowds of tourists

If you want to visit a European country, filled with history and without being followed by crowds of tourists you can visit Albania. It's a special feeling to visit a real world without being followed by many people.

  • Interesting history

Albania is one of the European countries bearing variety in its history, from ancient times of communism to the modern days.

  • It's very cheap

Albania is one of the cheapest places to visit in Europe. It is still not a country of EU therefore it has its own currency LEK. Quality hotels close to the city center provide accommodation of no more than Euro 80 per night, but you can find accommodation even cheaper. You can have a good meal in a pleasant restaurant for 6 dollars.

  • It is beautiful

Albania has a little of everything, sunny sandy beaches, beautiful mountains and everything between them. There is no way not to love it in every aspect. There are castles, churches,historical buildings, rivers and many other things. The Australian blogger has actually ranked 10 reasons why the small Balkan country should be visited.

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