Tours by car

After you have walked the promenade and visit the monuments of the city it will be interesting to go a trip out of the town. You have some recommended tours that you can visit.

Ksamil tour
There is a distance of 13 km by the car and it will get approximately 16 minutes to get in Ksamil. The road infrastructure has been developing in the last years so your trip will be much easier.  During your trip you can see the channel of Cukes and a panoramic view of the islands of Ksamil.

Butrint tour
After passing Ksamil, you can visit Butrinti that is 2km far away. You can have a look and explore the old city of Butrinti and its history. After you finish your visit you may have a lunch break next to the park of Butrinti. There you can enjoy traditional dishes of the area and the famous mussels of Butrinti.

Butrint National Park
Butrinti is a World Heritage Site since 1992 and it is one of the most touristic destinations of tourist from all over the world. Butrint exhibits history from major empires of the area including Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman ruins.  The best monuments that you could see in Butrint are the Greek amphitheater, the babistry, the lions gate and the museum.

Lekursi tour
You can also visit our beautiful Castel of Lekursi which is 3.5 km away from the center of Saranda. As it is too close to the city you can go to Lekurs even by walking. It will take an hour and a half to get to the castle. It is a hilly road to get there so you better take some water with you. In other way you can go by car, by taxi or by bus.

The castle of Lekursi  
It is located on the top of the hill and it was built in the 16th century. The castle was built as strategic point to protect the city from the enemies coming by boat. Now, the castle of Lekursi is a touristic destination by many tourists enjoying an amazing view of Ksamil islands and Corfu.

Lukove tour
From Saranda to Lukove there is a distance about 22 km and it takes approximately 27 minutes to get there by car. The roadway is quiet good and new. The village is quiet small so you can have a walking around and enjoy the beautiful sea that lies slightly down of Lukove.

Borshi tour
Borshi is an amazing village with a contour position. Below the village lies the beautiful beach of Kamorerez one of the best beaches of Albania Riviera. Borshi is 35 km away Saranda and it will take about an hour to go there. If you visit Borsh don’t forget to see the castle of Sopoti where it is located in a dominant hill overlooking the sea.
Himara tour
The coast road from Saranda to Himara takes around two hours by car or three hours by bus. During your traveling you can enjoy the panoramic view of the beautiful beaches of our coast Riviera.

Blue eye tour
Blue eye is a natural phenomenon of blue water spring and is the largest out of 18 springs on the surface of earth. It is called blue eye because the water bubbles out of the source creating a form of an eye on the surface of it. The distance road from the center of our city is 25 km to get there. You can visit Blue eye even by your car or by tour buses. Also there is no fee entrance for visiting the source. At last, after having a nice walking around the water spring you can enjoy a nice meal in restaurant just near the river.