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Apartment furnishing 
We take care about your comfort by providing a full service of furnishing in your apartment. To duly perform process of apartment furnishing we cooperate with specialists and architects in order to have an excellent design and appropriate furnishing elements.   
Car Hire
We offer car renting service to all tourists so they could enjoy the beauty of our nature by travelling on their own. Feel free and peaceful to plan a remarkable trip in the most interesting places of Albanian nature. We provide a range of cars where you can choose the one that better fits the market price.

Taxis & transfers 

We also provide taxi service for your trip with high comfort and reasonable prices. We provide you a safe and comfortable trip, because drivers have many years experience in driving. 


Invest in Saranda 

The city is located in a favourable position surrounded by the Ionian Sea.  It has a favourable Mediterranean climate where you can enjoy 300 days of the year in sunshine. You can breathe fresh air and enjoy the clean waters of our beaches. Infrastructure and transportation service have developed during the last years. For example, the highway road to Tirana has improved a lot and from seven hours that you travelled before now you can arrive in the city within 5 hours. Also, you can get in Corfu for almost half an hour due to the short distance and our highly improved services of ferry boats. The cost of living in Saranda is moderate but in the summer  prices increase. In Saranda you will find friendly and hospitable people that will be ready to explore you to different places of the city. The most important thing is that the rate of investment in properties is low compared to other cities of the Balkan.