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The new rail code arrives at Parliament, aimed liberalization of service

One of the significant laws to be discussed in the new session of the parliament is the law that provides for the establishment of a new code on railways.

“Cost-of- Construction Index” decreased for the second consecutive quarter

Cost-of- Construction index was decreased by 0.2% for the second consecutive quarter. According to the data received from the Institute of Statistics, housing construction costs were decreased in the second quarter of 2016, mainly due to transport costs.

The new regulation, the works for which the building permit is not required

The works for which a building permit is not required in the territory of Albania consist of ordinary maintenance works, updating of painting, plaster, doors, replacement of hydro-sanitation equipment or setting up of tents.

Tirana Municipality is putting the water up for sale with Euro 5 million

Private companies which earn an average of 10 - 15% or much less to big oil or distribution companies would envy the gross profit rate of about 23% in 2015 of Tirana Water Supply Service.

A number of 60 Italian companies will operate in the Albania

Small and middle Lombardian enterprises, part of the Works Company (Compagnia delle Opere), find the Balkan market to run their investments interesting.

Buying & selling unblocked

The Government decides to solve the process regarding to the apartments that have remained stocked. The next meeting of the Council of Ministers will approve a new decision which provides for mortgaging of all buildings.