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Getting here

How to get to Saranda from Tirana

How to get boat from Corfu to Saranda

How to find Tirana Airport bus station

Why should I use only official taxi service

Where to get a first aid in airport

What's going on here

How can I travel in Saranda?

There are many ways which you can come to visit Saranda depending on your choice. You can come from Ioannina or Igumenica airport by road passing the Greek border of Kakavia and Qafe Bote. Also you can travel from the International Airport of Tirana Nënë Tereza to Saranda by bus or taxi. At last, you may enjoy your travel by boat from Corfu Island to our city.

Common questions

How much does cost a dinner in a restaurant?

This depends on your tastes and preferences of the restaurants. You can choose from the most expensive once restaurants with gourmet cuisine to cheaper one where you can eat the most traditional dishes of the place.

How much does taxi cost?

The price for a taxi depends on where you go. Approximately around the city is about 400 lek (2 euro). For extra information we can visit our transport guide that has information about the price, contacts and the location of the taxis.

Is it better to pay by credit card or cash?

It will be better to pay by cash as mostly of the shops don’t have the appropriate machines to make the transactions by visa or credit card.

What is the price of an umbrella on the beach?

One sunny bathing at the beautiful beaches it will cost approximately 500 lek (3.5 euro) per umbrella with two sunbeds.

Does the rate of euro have increased recently?

The exchange rate of Euro fluctuates daily. You may have a look at this website It will help you find the daily fluctuations of the Euro rate.

When is the best time to visit Saranda?

Before you plan the trip you have to check the weather. The best time you can visit Saranda is on lately spring during summer until early autumn. This is the period most attracted by tourists.

Where are the best beaches?

Our guided-tour will help you to find the beaches that adapts better to you. We could find a variety of beaches from the quiet once to the most crowded.

Is Albania a safe place for visitors?

There is no worry about violence. Albania is as safe place as all the other European countries. The fact that we are going to join EU is based on some priorities and one of them is safety. Moreover, Albania is safe particularly for your children and your pets.

How the temperature degree of the weather goes during the summer?

You can take a look at our weather guide. You will find how temperature degrees change during the months of summer:

Orientation quistions

Which time are the shops open in Saranda?

The shops in the summer season open from 8:30 until 14:00 pm and then again from 16:00 till 21:00 pm.
While the supermarkets are open from 8:00 am until 22:00 pm.

May I rent a car inside the city?

Our guide will recommend you all the available tour and travel agencies to rent a car.
You can have a look at "Plan your trip" where you can find the price per hour of renting a car and the touristic agencies that offer this service.

Is it possible to buy a mobile number with access to the Internet?

Yes it is possible. Our city provides variety Albanian and Greek mobile operators.
Some mobile operators that we have are AMC, Vodafone, Eagle and Cosmote (Greek operator).
These operators provide a 3G option for accessing on the internet. Also they provide many offers for talking with international numbers abroad such as Greece, Italian, Germany, US and many others.

Where can I find a bus station?

There are many bus stations here depending where you want to go. You can guide you by providing the most frequent itineraries. See "Plan your trip".

Is there any private parking on the site of the city?

In general, all residences and hotels provide to you a private parking. In other cases there is no private parking you just have to find a suitable place upon the road to put your car.

Is it easy to find a health center or a pharmacy in case of emergency?

There are plenty of pharmacies and doctors that you can find. Except from that we have our local hospital where you can find all the needed doctors. There is also a private clinic in front of the hospital where you can find more specialized treatment.

On which side of the road do they drive in Albania?

Investment questions

Why should I buy a residence in Saranda?

In recent years the foreign investments in Saranda have increased due to the local economic development and the improvement of the potential conditions. It will be in your benefit to buy a residence here as it latest has a rapid growth in tourism, economy and infrastructure.

What is the standard plan of apartments in Saranda?

Our apartments have a standard plan with a living room, a kitchen, one or two bedrooms, one or two bathrooms, one or two balconies. We also have studios with a living room, kitchen, bathroom and balcony and luxury penthouses with a large balcony and a beautiful sea view.

Is there any website that I can rent my apartment in Saranda?

Yes there is. Our office provides websites where you can reserve an apartment:

Are there any property taxes in Saranda?

In Saranda you don’t have to pay any property taxes, you have the same rights as the local citizens.

What are my advantages of buying residence in Saranda?

What criteria determine the market price of the apartment?

Visa & Immigration

Do I need a visa to visit Saranda?

All the foreigners that have a Schengen visa they may enter in Albania only with an ID card while; the others must be issued with a visa.

Informative questions

Will it be easy to find an information office as we get there?

There are plenty of information offices and guide tours that can guideline to your trip.
Here we will recommend some touristic offices. There is our office Bora Property in the permanent of the city that provides commercial and touristic information. Also, we have the Globe tour across the permanent where you can find any touristic information that you need. At last you can find travel agencies that provide guideline for your trip.

How often do you update the information on this website?

We update information any time that you have new information that it will be useful for the tourist.

Where is your office located?

Our office is located on the promenade of the city near the sea. Our office is opened daily from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm. Our representative office is located in Tirana while our subsidiary is in Sweden. Our experts speak English, Italian, Russian and Greek.

Does your website provides a related guideline or commercial partner?

What other tour websites can you provide?