How to arrive to Saranda

While you are travelling to Albania be prepared to see beautiful views in the country, especially when going to the more remote areas. If you normally experience motion sickness, take any medications you might normally take for a boat ride.


Tirana - Saranda taxi
6400 lek ($50), 1 hour
Tel.: +33 384-0001

Tirana - Saranda bus
1200 lek ($10), 2 hours

Corfu - Saranda boat
7600 lek ($60), 2 hours

Albania shares borders with Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia, and Greece. New roads are being constructed all the time, and therefore traveling by car to Albania has improved significantly within the last few years and should further continue to get better. Entry fees are often small or even nonexistent.

You should communicate your Embassy to Albania to find whether you need a visa before arrival, but nationals of most countries do not need visa to visit Albania. Several various airlines fly to «Mother Teresa» Tirana International Airport, including the following listed below. You also can visit the website to find information about the airport or to find additional information at.

Tirana International Airport


The port of Saranda is in the centre of the city known as Porto Eda. The voyage from Corfu to Saranda, and vice-versa, is done by fast carriers, such as rafts with a capacity of 160 of passengers or by heavy carriers, such as ferries with a capacity  1200-1600 passeengers. The prices vary according to the season plus the merchandise fee. Here you can see more information

From Greece to Saranda

Reach the border of Kakavi in two ways: From Janina and Gumenica. You can fly from Athina to Janina to Kakavi takes one hour by bus or taxi. When you reach Kakavi, you go through this itinerary: Kakavi-Gjirokaster-Jorgucat-Qafe muzina-Sarande. There are much more facilities if you go through Qafe Bota, following this itinerary: Gumenica -Qafe Bote-Sarande