In general in Saranda food is produced locally as many farmers have their own fields of growing vegetables and fruits.  Also, most of vegetables are grown in sustainable way without chemical ingredients. In our gastronomy you will find also fresh meat since many sheep are raised locally mostly by the villagers around the city. Moreover, here you will find a variety of seafood and the traditional dish of mussels.

Traditional food

The mussels of Butrint Lake dish is the most well known traditional food. It is prepared in any restaurant of the city, but also you can buy mussels in supermarkets and prepare in your own based on your tastes.

Traditional drink "Rakia"
It is a traditional drink of wine the produced in the area of Delvina. Notice that ‘raki’ is a very strong alcoholic beverage made by local people.

Olive oil
Our olive oil is with high quality for cooking as we have oil trees in many villages around the city and we produce it locally. Our olive oil has its own characteristic flavor and it is has low percentage of acid ingredients. Gjikondi olive oil is one well known brand produced in Qeparo village near Himara. For more information you can visit

Mostly the south Riviera of Albania is characterized by bio honey product with high quality. There are many shops in the city that you can find honey packed in different size of vases. Also there are villagers that sell honey in bottles where you can find usually in many market points of the city.