Saranda is characterized by nightlife especially in summer season. Here we present some of the most well-known club bars of the city. In general the nightlife clubs are closed to each other along the coast road.

Mango Beach Club - Mango Beach is one of the best air clubs in Albania. It is open from May to September and can fit up to 2,500 people. During summer period the staff invites DJ music players from different countries almost every week. The music that is listening more is house, ethnic and commercial. The disco provides also very well known cocktails and drinks.

Santa Quaranta Club - Santa Quaranta is a new club in the town and it is open particularly during summer season. Even though it is a new one has become very well known to our city. The club organizes many musical events and live concerts.

There are also many bars and clubs that you can find in the center of the town and along the beach. In general the nightlife starts at late night and it can last all night. The music in the bars is used to be loud so you have to enjoy it.

Demi Lounge  - Demi Lounge is of clubs that you can pass your night with good friend and music. In the morning is club and beach also they put some beds and you can swim and enjoy your coffee. In the evening there the music is loud and you can go and have fun.

Orange club - Orangel club is the same like Demi  and they both are located in Sarande.

The original Factory club - This is one of mos famous clubs here in Sarande, it is open every day but every weekend has guest from Albania or from other countries like singers or DJ.

Jericho Tarrace - The best drinks and cocktails in town are found at Jericho

Pit Stop - Is a bar at the promenade of Saranda that you can drink coffee or coctails or what you want.Some days there you can listen live music with band right there. It is open 24 hours everyday

Grand Arena  - Grand Arena it is part of Hotel Grand there you can enjoy your coffee or your drink at the night near the pool and listening the music played by the DJ.

View Bar Tarrace - It is a bar located at the road called "five" and you can enjoy your coffee with Saranda View

Amsterdam Night Club - It is a club that it is open all the year, you can go there to listen "Tallava" or smoke "argeile" music and also at the weekends they have guests.

Aloha Beach Bar - It is a club with loud music near the beach Aloha and there you can enjoy your time at the beach.

African Beach bar - it is like Aloha beach but except that there at the weekend have schouma party.