There are many bus lines in Saranda, which provide both national and international itineraries. Buses usually opereate with their related agency station where you can also buy the bus ticket. Please find herein under the two main itineraries:   
  • Saranda-Gjirokaster-Fier-Durres-Tirana
  • Saranda-Ioannina-Arta-Mesollogi-Korinthos-Athens
You can find more detail information of the timetable and the price tickets at 

You can enter Albania by bus via the following foreign cities:

  •   Istanbul, Turkey (20 hr)
  •   Athens, Greece (12 hr)
  •   Sofia, Bulgaria (22 hr)
  •   Tetovo, Rep. of Macedonia (7 hr)
  •   Prishtina, Kosovo (5 hr)