What Albania spends to help those in need of better housing conditions

In the end of 2016 the Government of Albania is going to allocate from the state budget approximately ALL 330 million to help citizens in need to be provided with better housing conditions. According to official statistics, in January-March of the current year about ALL 57

million were spent for these purposes. Much of the money was used to pay the interest on the mortgage on the property in Albania. Statistics say that 3.9 thousand Albanian families received subsidies to repay the mortgage interest. The funds go to other programs to improve living conditions, in particular, with the help of some of their faces partially finance the construction of rental housing and private residential property in Albania.
Earlier this month, the Albanian government approved a new rental subsidy procedure. In particular, a subsidy of up to 50% of the rental cost will be allocated in full, even if in the municipal budget there is no money. In this situation the financial obligations to the applicant will be carried out through the allocation of funds from the state budget. It is of priority to provide such subsidies to people with disabilities as well as to orphans. It will also be able to receive grants but not limited to families with many children and persons with low income.