The new rail code arrives at Parliament, aimed liberalization of service

One of the significant laws to be discussed in the new session of the parliament is the law that provides for the establishment of a new code on railways.
This is one of the few sectors in Albania that risks excessive depreciation. In 2016 the total investment value is estimated at Euro one million. But to bring this sector into life at least Euro 200 million are needed, but the Albanian state does not have such money. The Ministry of Transports and Infrastructure has recently sent a bylaw to Parliament "The Railway Code of the Republic of Albania". This bylaw will enable the creation of conditions for the liberalization of railway service. Currently the two lines Fier - Ballsh and Fier - Vlora are granted with concession. Private operators, whether local or foreign, will be given the opportunity to use railway lines against liabilities that will be determined later by bylaws. These companies say that the same resources can enable bringing trains of high standards and make the management of passenger transport for different segments against different tariffs. On the other hand it can be seen the opportunity to give the management of some segments with Public - Private Partnership, while for those granted with concession new modalities will be considered. The bylaw also provides for establishment of a railway regulatory body within the Competition Authority and the establishment of safety institutions for the protection of railway traffic. Albanian government predicts that by 2020 it will make it possible to achieve fivefold the number of passengers and twofold the transport of goods through the rebuilding of the existing lines.