Green Coast Resort | Balfin Group | 2014

Green Coast Resort is the only luxury project on the wonderful beach of Palasa, where the Mediterranean Sea meets the Ionian Sea, creating a wonderful coastal landscape as one of the main destinations in Albania. Palasa area is one of the few areas, that has preserved the nature and ancient heritage of the cities and civilization, making visitors feeling magnificent of thereof. This resort is being developed on an area of 180,000 m 2 . This tourist project contains four different types of villa-type buildings and apartments. The resort includes four different types of buildings, hence, elite villas to apartments, spacious and stylish villa, apartments that offer exceptional views from the location on the hill, between trees and flowers. Green Coast Resort has been inspired by the buildings of the region, two-storey houses harmoniously combined with the greenery and the view of the coast. The resort consists of 22 elite villas, 21 individual villas, 65 attached villas, 136 villas - apartments and many service facilities such as swimming pools, restaurants, bar-cafes, supermarkets, health centers, fitness centers, a public park and a luxury hotel. Location of the Green Coast Resort offers a variety of activities. Outdoor activities include travelling by boat, canoe ride, fishing, mountain biking, diving, excursions, tours in navy, paragliding, exploring of Karaburun caves by boat. Indoors activities such as water sports to basketball, volleyball on the sand, meditation etc. The landscape from "Green Coast Resort" is one of the most spectacular of the Ionian Sea. All villas are situated among the characteristic vegetation of the area. The window of every villa overlooks one of the most startling horizons of the Mediterranean Sea, surrounded by the white beach and green gardens. The resort creates a microclimate, combining together the best of Mediterranean flora: citrus, olive, oak, etc., clean air of “Vetetima Mountain” and freshness of the Ionian Sea