Flight tickets prices in Europe have fallen to Euro 4

Highly inexpensive flight fees in the EU countries have never been experienced so far, writes Corriere Della Sera. You can buy round/trip tickets for Euro 300 to travel to Asia. Brexit and terrorism have frightened passengers, whereas the airlines agencies have launched the “battle” between them.

How much a flight ticket price will fall? In August, you can find flight tickets to travel to the capitals of the European Union amounting to Euro 3.8 round/trip, including the taxes. In September - October for some flights to the Middle East the tickets can be booked at a price that goes up the amount Euro 340, including all taxes. You can buy tickets for an amount to Euro 160 to travel from Milan to San Francisco for a few days between September and November. According to Hopper, the company which examines the situation of prices, on 16 July the flight US - Europe was in the lowest possible amount in the past three years, hence in the amount Euro 560.

Prediction for 2017

What will happen during the upcoming months? Prices, analysts say, will continue to fall until December. But, then the companies that want to carry more passengers by paying more will highlight the "protection" plans: reduction of the number of destinations, reduction of places available especially for long-distance passengers, to increase the ticket price. The biggest dilemma of administrators of airlines is how the consumers will react. Because, after they have tried to travel with Euro 4 from one European capital to another it will be difficult to move to a higher tenfold price in less than a year, concludes the article of Corriere della Sera.