Buying & selling unblocked

The Government decides to solve the process regarding to the apartments that have remained stocked. The next meeting of the Council of Ministers will approve a new decision which provides for mortgaging of all buildings. Until the present the builders either have not applied or have not submitted all the documents required for mortgaging of buildings. This situation brings blocking of apartment purchasing market, because according to the Bank of Albania, many citizens choose to buy homes through credit and the building must be mortgaged. In this way the government is expected to approve the facilitating procedures for mortgaging of these buildings. Concretely, builders will not be required to submit all the documents that the law requires today and in cases when it does not apply the Agency of Legalisation Urbanisation and Integration of Informal Zone/Building (ALUIZNI) and the Immovable Property Registration Office will begin the procedures. A few days ago the Head of ALUIZNI Artan Lame confirmed that the decision is ready to mortgage the buildings. According to the official data 4 thousand apartments in Tirana are not mortgaged. In addition, there are hundreds of apartments in Durres, Fier and Vlorë that are not mortgaged. By virtue of the new decision the government aims at unblocking the sale & purchase market, because until the present the citizens have bought only homes which are mortgaged. Regarding to the process of mortgage and getting the legalization permit thegovernment will charge ALUIZNI and the Immovable Property Registration Office.